Hvar Otok Vina

Hvar Winemakers' Association

The Hvar Winemakers' Association was established on May 30th, 2010 in Jelsa. Since then, we have worked together in promoting our island as a wine destination, and providing a focus for discussion and negotiations on important issues for wine production on Hvar.

"We believe that it's important in the first instance, to create a strong local market, as that will have the biggest impact on demand within the rest of Croatia, and worldwide. Visitors to the island fall in love with the wines of Hvar, raising demand for them as they return to their own home area. In this way, wine tourism provides us with the easiest entry into new markets. My task is to connect the individual links of wine tourism, forging a strong chain that will convert the island of Hvar into Hvar Island of Wine. We have high hopes of developing modern communication channels with consumers, such as social networks and other internet platforms, as well as through direct contact with lovers of Hvar wines by organizing street events and participating in trade fairs."

Ivana Krstulović Carić, dipl.ing.agr.

Board of Directors

President: Ivana Krstulović Carić, B.Sc. Agriculture
Representative from Carić winery (Vino-Hvar d.o.o.), where she works as the Director of Sales and Marketing. Her mandate for office places strong emphasis on wine tourism. Has been active in the Association since 2010, when she held the position of Secretary.

Vice President: Sebastijan Tomić, B.Sc. Oenology
Representative from Tomić winery (Bastijana d.o.o.)

Board Member: Davor Šestanović
Representative from Plenković winery (Zlatan Otok d.o.o.)

Board Member: Juraj Vujnović
Representative from Vujnović winery (podrum Vujnović)

Board Member: Marija Bunčuga
Representative from the Svirče winery (PZ Svirče)

Past President (2010-2012): Andro Tomić of Bastijana d.o.o.

Association Information

Postal Address:
Udruga «Hvarski vinari»
Svirče 157
HR-21462 Svirče

OIB: 21240387287
Bank account: 2340009-1110445450 AT PBZ
IBAN HR33 23400091110445450

Website: www.hvar-island-vina.org
Email: info@hvar-otok-vina.org

GSM. +385 (0) 98 1606276 Ivana
GSM. + 385 (0) 917 630 988 Sebastijan